Insolvency & liquidation law in Romania

The collaboration between Prunaru & Associates and our insolvency practitioner partner firm EOS Insolvency SPRL, has made Romanian Insolvency & Liquidation law a core area of our practice. Our dedicated Romanian insolvency lawyers first take a thorough look at every case and advise the client on the best course of action, keeping the clients best financial interests in mind. We give comprehensive pre-insolvency advice so our clients know exactly where they stand before starting any proceedings.

Our team of dedicated Romanian insolvency lawyers have broad experience in every area of Romanian insolvency law. We represent national and international companies, debtors or creditors in all types of insolvency procedures, including director’s liability, representing creditors in the verification of the outstanding debts and in the committees of creditors, purchases of failed companies, executions of guarantees, and negotiation of corporate debt. Our team combines rich professional expertise with a complete logistics network, implemented at a local, national and international level, allowing us to handle even the most complex cases.

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