Tax Law Romania

Since Romania’s accession into the EU, the Romanian tax law has experienced continuously changing and sometimes complex and contradictory regulations. For Romanian national companies, foreign companies or individuals, the ever-changing and dynamic Romanian tax regulations can be extremely challenging. It is essential to have experienced Romanian tax lawyers that offer sound legal advice and moreover, a legal team that has experience in up-to-date Romanian tax law in order to ensure continual financial security in Romania.

Prunaru & Associates are highly qualified and experienced with all current Romanian tax regulations. Thus, we always keep our clients clearly informed of any changes that will affect them.

Prunaru & Associates have dedicated Romanian tax lawyers, with a decade of experience working with both Romanian and international business and corporation tax law. We are renowned for dramatically improving our clients tax related business issues through careful and diligent strategic planning and litigation.

If you need to ensure your financial future is safe and require experienced Romanian tax lawyers, please do not hesitate to contact us.